Motor insurance increases ‘crippling’ says Grealish

Posted by noelg noelg
Shock at the level of increases being faced by people renewing their motor insurance policies has been expressed by a candidate in the General Election.
Galway West Independent TD Noel Grealish said the issue was constantly being raised on the doorsteps by people he called to.
“I was told by one man who drives a truck that his insurance cover had doubled this year, going up from €1,300 last year to €2,600 this year.
“And I’ve come across dozens of people whose car insurance has absolutely rocketed up by several hundred euro.
“It’s absolutely shocking what is happening — the insurance companies seem to be just grabbing figures out of the sky.”
And Deputy Grealish said that he had also spoken to a number of people who had previously driven commercial vehicles and found when they went to get private car insurance that they didn't receive any no-claims bonus credit for their experience.
“These might be experienced van drivers or drivers of other commercial vehicles, and who may be changing job or be out of a job, with a clean driving record for years, that the companies are giving them no credit for.
“And there are others who had been away working in Australia or America for a few years who came back to find that they have to start from scratch with insurance cover, even though they might have an unblemished record here for years and also abroad.
“It seems to me that the insurance companies are just looking for any and every excuse to charge people exorbitant amounts. The extra cost is crippling for many people who have suffered years of reduced wages and increasing charges.
“These companies need to be seriously brought to task, through new legislation if necessary, to limit unjustifiable increases,” added Deputy Grealish.