Mill St Garda station will be retained, Minister assures Grealish

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February 2017:
Galway City’s main Garda station will be retained as a fully functioning station after a new Garda regional and divisional headquarters is completed and opened later this year, the Minister for Justice has confirmed.
Independent TD Noel Grealish has been assured by Minister Frances Fitzgerald that an effective policing service would continue to be provided in the city.
She also confirmed that the construction of the new Regional and Divisional Headquarters at Murrough, Renmore, was progressing well and it was anticipated that the project would be completed in the final quarter of this year.
Deputy Grealish had asked the Minister in a Parliamentary Question what activities and Garda staffing levels would be retained at the current Galway HQ in Mill Street, in the city centre, once the new HQ was completed, and if those numbers would be sufficient to provide a rapid response to any event occurring in the city centre.
In her reply, Minister Fitzgerald said that Garda management would be making arrangements with the Office of Pubic Works in relation to the handover of the new Garda station with a view to it being operational as close to the completion date as possible.
“I have been further advised by the Garda authorities that Mill Street Garda station will be retained as a fully functioning District Headquarters when the new premises are completed.
“While it is not possible at this time to indicate the specific nature of the resources that will operate from Mill Street, local senior Garda Management will ensure that an effective policing service will be provided in the area.
“I am assured by the Garda authorities that the allocation of resources in the Galway Garda Division is kept under continual review to ensure that optimum use is made of available Garda resources and that the best possible policing service is provided to the public,” added the Minister.
Deputy Grealish said that it was vital that a continued Garda presence was maintained in the city centre.
“Obviously, I am delighted to see the badly needed new headquarters is hopefully set to open by the end of the year as it’s a project I have been closely involved in going back several years.
“But we need to have Gardaí based close to the city centre to respond quickly to any incidents that arise there, particularly at night.
“It’s also important that we continue to have Gardaí on foot patrol around the city centre and I hope that there will be sufficient numbers retained at Mill Street station to ensure this happens,” the Galway West TD added.